4.1. Confirmation of purchased lot is sent via e-mail to a Buyer when auction ends. There are specifyed catalogue order number of that art of work, artist, title, selling price, buyer‘s charge and total price. Also Auction house data, bank account.
4.2. Payments for works of art may be made at the Auction house by cash or bank transfer to the account indicated by the Auction House not later than within 5 business days after the confirmation is sent. The bank transfer document must indicate the Buyer’s name and surname and the title and catalogue order number of the acquired work of art.
4.5. In the event that the Buyer fails to pay for the acquired work of art in a timely manner – within 5 business days after the auction, he or she loses the right to participate in the auctions held by the Auction House for an unlimited period of time and his or her surname and the indebted amount are publicly announced on the website of the Auction House and made public through other channels for the dissemination of public information chosen by the Auction House. The Auction House also has the right to apply to court and defend its violated rights according to the procedure prescribed by the law, including filing a claim regarding the demand to declare the purchase-sale of the work of art as having taken place and the demand to pay the amounts payable to the Auction House.